Fundraising Campaign (January-February 2022) for UP Assembly elections

Swarna Bharat Party is India's national liberal party, led by Pankaj Das of Guwahati. We are committed to fundamental rights, liberty and good governance (see this April 2017 article in Times of India). We are working on a merger with Swatantra Bharat Party which was founded in 1994 by Late Sharad Joshi, the great farmers leader. We expect that Anil Ghanwat, current president of Swatantra Bharat Party, will take over as the President of the combined party.  

We believe in individualism and the rule of law and oppose all collectivist ideologies including BJP's Mussolini-based fascism and the Fabian socialism of Congress which wiped out India's fundamental rights from 1951 itself, forcing Ambedkar to say that he wanted to burn India's Constitution that he had carefully crafted. We hope to replace all collectivist parties and become India's ruling party in the coming decades. Only SBP can make India a $50 trillion economy by 2040.

SBP has been working intensively in Bhadohi district since August 2016We are confident that 2022 is a turning point for liberty in India. In 2021 we contested and won two seats in local elections in Bhadohi district (see this). This year we are contesting three UP Assembly seats (if funds permit, up to five seats). Our candidates such as Mahesh Maurya are strong votaries of liberty and their integrity has been thoroughly vetted.

In 2022 we want to be competitive in the Assembly seat of Gyanpur and establish a robust presence in the Assembly seats of Bhadohi and Aurai. This will set the scene for seriously contesting the Bhadohi Parliamentary seat in the 2024 elections. We are committed to contesting every possible seat across India as the party grows.


Purpose: To spread the message of liberty and good governance in Bhadohi district during the UP elections

Even communicating the basic message of liberty costs money - such as printing brochures, pamphlets and posters. We also need funds to support our candidates to reach out to voters in remote villages. While our party operates on a shoe-string budget, during elections we do need money - the more the better. We are aiming to raise at least Rs.7 lakhs for this purpose. 


We invite you to support SBP in whatever way you can. You can join us in our grassroots campaigns. You can contest elections. And (or) you can contribute funds (no matter how small) to support this work. Every rupee adds up.  

To donate, please click HERE. Donations are eligible for income tax exemption since we are a registered political party.

All our funds are fully audited and disclosed to the Election Commission and Income Tax department.